Crime is the breach of rules or laws for which some governing authority can ultimately prescribe a conviction. This includes all including the minor crimes!

Larger Crimes


Normally Police deal with the larger crimes such as murder, bank robbery but what about car scratching?

Smaller Crime


Even if it is car scratching it means the world to you but not always with the police!

Open Forum

Designed for you!
We want every one to share their crimes however small they are and together we can make a difference!

We want to hear about them!

About Us

We started because we wanted to make a difference, to reach out to others who are also hurting.

Start into 2012 to reach everyone in the UK about their situations they are in.


Website just launced in May 2012, to the national population the UK. The web the best place to reach out.

Please leave your crimes however small they are, to reach others and help fight crime!

Government Website

The National Crime Agency will tackle organised crime, defend our borders, fight fraud and cyber crime, and protect children and young people.

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